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SSR is Sweden’s largest folk and traditional music organization with about 6,000 members organized in 23 regional federations across the country. Both nationally and internationally we represent the traditional musicians movement..

We collaborate with other organizations and institutions in a variety of areas. For example we are in touch with central government authorities as well as the education of folk musicians, research on European folk music or the interaction between folk dance and music in Sweden. Regular co-operation also takes place with our sister organizations in the other Nordic countries..

In cooperation with the insurance company Folksam, we offer all members the opportunity to subscribe to a highly beneficial musical instrument insurance..

As a member, you get our magazine ”Spelmannen” four times a year. In it you’ll find reports, debates and a calendar containing what’s happening on the folk music scene in Sweden and with outlook on our neighbors. The magazine also reviews many of the new traditional music recordings that are released each year..

To support the interest in traditional music which is now growing in younger generations, we are co-organizers and provide financial support for course activities for young people throughout the country. We’ve also participated in a number of Nordic cooperation projects and arranged camps and youth camps in the Nordic countries..

Our regional organizations engage in the regional activities of our members, for example in the form of meetings, speeches, courses and the likes.